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Found a new genealogy blog with some interesting stuff. What I liked the best is the page of videos coming in from Youtube. I was able to find stuff there I hadn't seen before. I think Youtube might be the best genealogy education tool available.

Are you a descendent of Thomas Frost

Exciting new addition to

See our Youtube Video: Thomas Frost Genealogy

The fully-indexed two-volume hard-bound set details the ancestry and over 7,000 descendants of Thomas Frost, with over 35 previously undiscovered family connections was posted on Friday, October 21, and we are helping the authors blast the news across the new.

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When you think about it, it's really amazing. The internet has only been up and running for a few decades, and it is making it possible for the entire world to chronicle their ancestors, locate graves, catalog old newspaper articles, and compile information.

Using the internet interested families can find lost relatives from many generations back... and then have those relatives help them fill in missing parts of their family trees.

Genealogy Ebay feed on Abbys

Welcome to Abbys Buy Sell Genealogy. We are the genealogy and ancestry classified marketplace.

Today, we are going to explore the Ebay feed listed on Abbys. Down at the bottom of Abbys website pages you will find it listed in the right column. This is items related to genealogy that are feeding into Abbys pages from Ebay on a daily basis. Several of them will always show on the front page, and then you can always click more to get the full list.

Slide down the full feed page and you can watch genealogy items as they become available on Ebay.

Abbys is a great place to list yoru genealogy items for sale. Unlike Ebay, you don't have to relist every seven days... and we don't take a cut of the sale! Your listings will stay active as long as your membership stays active.

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New England Historical Records

New England Genealogy historical records are for sale in Abby's Books category. Here's a video with a quick overview:

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As soon as you create an account and login you will find a link in this spot to start adding and managing your classified ads.

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