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Virginia Historic Record Books for Sale

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So many great genealogy items are available on Abby's Buy Sell Genealogy. Here is a quick overview of a collection of Virginia Historical records. Find your ancestors in 1880 Census records for all counties. Also Land Owner records, and more.

Find these records in our genealogy books category.

Simple Advertising Often Works Best

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Abbys is dedicated to promoting all our advertisors on all social media and the web. None of us like hard-sell snakeoil-salesman tactics, so often, simple advertising works best. To help promote our advertisors we produce a regular series of videos for Youtube and Facebook, and tweet the links on twitter.

Here's a short bit about what you can buy and sell on Abbys.

Genealogy Skills Are Useful

Abby's picture, a online news source, ran an interesting article today showing how genealogy detective skills can be useful for all sorts of things!

It's all about a ring that was lost many years ago on a beach. Danny Hall from Salt Lake City is called "The Gentleman Genealogist." He managed to track down the descendants of the ring owners from a small inscription on the ring, "CCD to MAL Dec. 25, 1880."

His awesome detective skills led to a marriage of Charles C. Dixon and Maranda A. Lewis with a marriage day of May 12, 1881... and then traced down the descendants, who happened to be joined together for a family reunion in New Hampshire.

So keep up those skills, no telling where they can take us.

Thanks for the tip of this great news story from @marianpl on Twitter!

Antique Lovers B&B

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Antique lovers will appreciate this video tour through a Victorian Bed and Breakfast located in Salmon, Idaho. Amazing wallpaper, woodwork and carpeting.

Victorian B&B Tour

Gonna have to work up the history on the Greyhouse Inn.

Online Classified Ads for Genealogy

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