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Maurice Mosheim, Sybel Mosheim, Mosheim

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On Abbysbuysellgenealogy is a beautiful postcard written to Sybel and Maurice Mosheim.  If I were a relative I would be jumping all over this postcard especially since it was sent from Ma and Daddy!!!

Ruth Seaman

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I am looking for the family of Ruth Seamon born about 1913 and lived at Harper Ave, Norwood, Ohio in 1923....because there is a postcard for sale at abbysbuysellgenealogy.  Check it out!

Long term exposure....

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I don't know about you, but as a genealogist I don't search one name for a year or so, I search for a few days or a week at most and then I have moved on to a new it was not worth the cost on ebay or the re-entry time on Craigslist to spend my time or money to list with them.  Now, enters abbysbuysellgenealogy.  Wow!!  $8.25 for all the listings you want and they will be on the net for 6 month.  Put in a name and it will be there when someone is researching for that name.  I really love the idea of having that information available for those searching.  I have often wondered what great links to my family I have missed because they were on the net for such a short time...........this is a great site.


A good thing!

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Abbys says "When you sign up and begin placing ads the really great thing is as long as your a member your ad runs.  As all of us genealogist know we don't check the internet daily for each name we are looking someones ad may be on this site for months which means for those of us looking for those "special" people we have a much better chance of finding them!  Thats a good thing!

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