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Experienced genealogists will look at the title of this blog entry and immediately think, "Opps! She's wrong!" because the word is really spelled "Genealogy." They know it's wrong, though, because they probably started out spelling it that way! Beginning researchers typically start with the spelling "GENEOLOGY" because it both looks and sounds right.

So why is that?

As 'geneologists' we are very concerned with the roots and origins of things so our first clue will be to look at the origin of the word.

This word, meaning the study of a family tree or lineage comes from two Greek words: genea (ancestry or descent) and logos (wisdom or knowledge).

Both together 'genealogos', or genealogy and genealogist.

If we had all paid good attention in Latin class, memorized our vocabularies and passed with flying A's then there would be no problem because we'd always be thinking "genea" first and the spelling and pronunciation would naturally follow.

Antique Lovers B&B

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Antique lovers will appreciate this video tour through a Victorian Bed and Breakfast located in Salmon, Idaho. Amazing wallpaper, woodwork and carpeting.

Victorian B&B Tour

Gonna have to work up the history on the Greyhouse Inn.

Gifts for Genealogists

Gifts for Genealogists

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Does your business
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Handwriting analysis?

Book services?


Maybe you have fun gifts
Antiques, cups, mugs, pens, pencils, storage supplies...

Homeland Vacations
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Abbys Genealogy Classified Marketplace

Genealogy Materials Require Acid Free Protection

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Professional artists have known about the value of preserving works of art with acid free materials for centuries. Genealogists work extensively with old papers, photographs and documents and do well to learn from the masters of all disciplines.

For instance: don’t take your precious old photographs and slip them in cheap plastic folders and scrapbooks available at the department stores! And for heaven’s sake… don’t try to repair or mount anything with tape from your regular tape dispenser!!

Acid free tape, acid free paper and acid free photo pockets are a must to prevent damage to your genealogy materials. A few lucky genealogists living in high arts and museum districts of big cities will have access to local stores selling quality preservation materials. For the rest of us our best bet is online stores selling high quality preservation materials.

Online Classified Ads for Genealogy

As soon as you create an account and login you will find a link in this spot to start adding and managing your classified ads.

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