Family Name.

David P. Reid, H.E. Ballard, D.T. Patterson,

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Written by David P. Reid 1833/1834 aboard the USS Delaware
David P. Reid, H. E. Ballard, Commadore Reid, David P. Reid,  H.E. Ballard,  D.T. Patterson,


This journal was written 1833/1834 by David P. Reid who was aborad the Ship-of-the-Line Delaware.  The journal is in remarkable condition.

"New York AugUst 12, 1833. Went on board the United States Ship of the Line Delaware, 74 Cap H.E. Ballard Commadore at New York while lying in the North River oposite the Battery August 12, 1833.  On which day the President of the United States, the Secretary of the Nave and board of Comm????ioners visited the Ship fired a Salute of 24 guns on the 14th we dropt down to Sandy Hook and Dropt our anchor"

 May 1st 1834 was the birth day of the King of France and the USS Delaware was at the port of Toulon France.  There was much celebrating which the Delaware joined by offering a salute.  Three of their guns proved to be "shotted" which caused the shot to go astray.  One struck a French 74 about 3/4 of a mile away.  Two men were killed and several injured.


Family Register

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McMillan family register

This is a beautiful framed "Floral Family Register" for the McMillan family.  It measures 29" wide and 23" high.  It begins with A.D. McMillan, born June 25, 1798, died Dec. 22, 1842.  A.D. was married to Narcissa and they had the following children: Samuel W, Harrey L, Daniel S., John A., James A., Rachel M., Sarah, William P., Margaret E., Mary R., and Hannie A.  There are birth dates for all the children and some death dates.  This was presented to Maggie McMillan by parents.  This is very ornate.  There is a yellow stain (see photo).  Buyer to pay actual packaging and shipping.  This will be packaged professionally.  A major treasure!




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