Try the Paleolithic Diet


Lets face it. The diet you should eat to have more energy than you ever imagined, lose weight, sleep like a baby, and stay healthy is the diet provided by Mother Nature.
This is the diet that we (human beings) ate for millions of years before modern agriculture. You see, our paleolithic ancestors didn't suffer from some of our modern burdens, like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay and a host of other maladies.
Try the Paleo Recipe Book and see how this amazing diet can give you your life back.

Genealogy Sweatshirt

Comfortable sweatshirt with Genealogy logo:

Genealogy! My Favorite Ancestors Wrote Diaries!

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genealogy sweatshirt


Zip around town in style with this zip-up hooded sweatshirt. Made of soft fleece, it keeps you (and anyone next to you) toasty. Yet it's rugged enough for impromptu games of touch football.

  • 10 oz. fleece blend (90% cotton/10% polyester)
  • Fleece-line hood
  • Jam-resistant metal zipper
  • Heavy-weight 1x1 ribbing at cuffs and waistband
  • Durable double-needle sewing

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Coat of Arms Gifts


The Largest & Oldest Coat of Arms Web Store
We have over One Million family crests on file. If your Surname is not in our files, Order anyways and we will research it ..... You will only be charged if we find your Coat of Arms
Our Family Crests are of the highest quality & we have the best prices anywhere on the web.

Samuel Motter

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Newpaper article regarding the unusual death of Samuel Motter.

Harrisburg, Pa. Feb. 7.

Don't know the year.


Includes postage


Elizabeth C. Meily

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Elizabeth C. Meily

Autograph book

" Miss Elizabeth C. Meily, 432 S. High St., Mechanicsburg, Pa."

1931 - 1935

First entry

" Dear Elizabeth-----

When you are sitting all alone thinking,

you are unloved,

Remember, Oh! Remember

You have a friend above"


Approx. 38 autographs.


Includes Postage in USA


Mildred Ann McDaniel's Scrapbook

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1920's at Marshall College!  This is the most amazing scrapbook absolutly crammed full of all sorts of items!  There are report cards, songs, jokes, poems, letters, lots of pictures, so much more!  Other names: G. MORRIS LOCHARD, MILDRED BIBB, PETE RECE, EDITH ROSS, ELIZABETH FLANNIGAN, DOROTHY DICKINSON, MARY MILDRED BIBB (TWINSIE), DOROTHY DICKINSON, ELIZABETH HARLAN MILLER, VIRGIL MCDANIEL,(her brother), MABEL MULLINS, and many more.

Green felt cover (moths have been there).  A treasure for the family.

Postage included in USA


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