Five year diary of Magdalene Zimmerman

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Magdalene Zimmerman
Magdalene Zimmerman

This diary is for the years 1960 through 1964 and each page is filled. 

1961 Sat. 60 degrees, Mostly clear 74 degrees. Elizabeth mowed the lawn.  I put in late tomato stalks in evening

1961 Sun. 60 degrees at 9:15 clea 72 degrees. I picked a few beans, storms went around all afternoon got big drops, a gust at supper time I washed my hair dried outside between sprinkles.

1961 Mon 50 degrees clear.  I went on the 12:45 bus to enter the hospital.  Elizabeth came in after work, went along with me up, 77 degrees

1961 Tue 61 clear.  I was operated on.  Elizabeth was inafter I came from operating room 82 degrees.

1961 Wed Clear 76 degrees. Rained in evening.  Elizabeth was over Mrs Westfall stopped in on her lunch hour.  I was real sick.

Spine on diary is missing.  All pages tight.  Does not dimish the genealogical value.


Postage included in USA


Price: $20.00

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