Genealogy Materials Require Acid Free Protection

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Professional artists have known about the value of preserving works of art with acid free materials for centuries. Genealogists work extensively with old papers, photographs and documents and do well to learn from the masters of all disciplines.

For instance: don’t take your precious old photographs and slip them in cheap plastic folders and scrapbooks available at the department stores! And for heaven’s sake… don’t try to repair or mount anything with tape from your regular tape dispenser!!

Acid free tape, acid free paper and acid free photo pockets are a must to prevent damage to your genealogy materials. A few lucky genealogists living in high arts and museum districts of big cities will have access to local stores selling quality preservation materials. For the rest of us our best bet is online stores selling high quality preservation materials.

Do not wait until you suddenly need an item to go shopping.  Online ordering is quick and safe, but never instant. If you don’t have the right materials on hand you might be tempted to use poor quality materials “just for awhile.” And this could lead to disaster. A good genealogists cabinet is full of materials and supplies both for research and for preserving those choice finds.

Here are a few good online sources for archival quality materials: located in the UK Illinois US

…and here’s a wonderful find: sells acid free archival tissue paper for preserving heirloom textiles and other artifacts!

So remember, as genealogists we are peering into both the past and the future. We research the past for our family ancestors, and preserve the information for our (and others) many generations to come.

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