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This is a fabulous site, we were lucky to find them on Twitter (actually... they found us!). is an exclusive newspaper archive for family history research. They have millions of American Families from 1690 to today. This is a great way to find those ancestors that you just can't find in census records and things like that.

One fabulous thing they have to offer is their free newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter on the homepage. To find out how the site works go to the About Us page and you'll see terms, testimonials and more.

It is a subscription site. They have a 30-day trial for $9.95. Of, if you just go ahead and jump in, which you know you are going to need to do, their annual fee is $5.83/mo, or monthly for $19.95. Their signup is very simple. You start with your name, address, phone number and click Get Started.

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As soon as you create an account and login you will find a link in this spot to start adding and managing your classified ads.

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