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The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 161 April 2007 Whole Number 642

Bennet Eliot, Abraham Toppan, Jeffrey Staple, ThomasBurton, Abiah Coye,


Ancestry of BENNET ELIOT of Nazeing, Essex, Father of Seven Great Migration Immigrants to Massachusetts

ABRAHAM TOPPAN Was Not a Yorkshire Man

The English Origins of JEFFREY STAPLE of Weymouth, Mass.

The English Ancestry of THOMAS BURTON of Portsmouth, Rhode Island

ABIAH COYE (ca. 1720 - ca. 1783) of Preston, Connecticut, and Hallowell, Maine

A Small Window of Opportunity:  The NORRIS Family Returns to Tamlaghtmore, Co. Tyrone, Ireland


Genealogy of SAMUEL PEIRCE, First Settler of Zoar, Mass.

The NATHANIEL and ANNA (BALCH) (RICH) WALLIS Family of Beverly, Mass.

Genealogist JOHN FARMER Discovers His Ancestry:  The Warwickshire Family of EDWARD FARMER, ISABEL (FARMER) (WYMAN) (BLOOD) GREEN and THOMAS POLLARD.


Some fading on front cover.  Includes postage within the USA


The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol.160 Oct. 2006 Whole Number 640

  John Farmer, Edward Farmer, Isabel Farmer, Isabel Wyman, Isabel Blood,
  John Farmer, Edward Farmer, Isabel Farmer, Isabel Wyman, Isabel Blood,

 Slight bumping to bottom of cover otherwise nice tight clean copy.  See Photo.

Genealogist JOHN FARMER Discovers His Ancestry:The Warwickshire Family of EDWARD FARMER, ISABEL (FARMER) (WYMAN) (BLOOD) GREEN and THOMAS POLLARD of Billerica, Mass;


An Eighteenth-Century Source for Families of New London County, Ct;

The EDMUND MARSHALL Family of Chebacco, Essex, Mass;

EDMUND ROSE of Rochester, Mass and Bolton Ct.  and his wife REBECCA BURGESS ;


The real wife of EPHRAIM FAIRBANKS of Lancaster and Bolton, Mass.

Probable Identfication of JOHN STUDLEY Oof Newport, R.I.

Includes postage within USA


Birthday Greeting Postcard

Alfred Sweet

This postcard was not mailed but given to Mrs Alfred Sweet of Marathon, N.Y. by Emma Apr 17 - 1920.  A beautiful card. Published by the Gibson Art Company, Cincinnati. 

Includes postage in USA


Miss Madeline Beane Postcard

Madeline Beane

A pretty postcard showing some wear.  'Neath the Pines.  Mailed Oct 11, 1909 from Mass at 5 PM.  Sent to Miss Madeline Beane, 90# West Central Street, Natick, Mass. from Clara's sister Clemie.

Includes postage in USA.


Kind Regard Postcard


Pretty but showing some wear.  Mailed (no stamp) Nov. 25, 1912 at 3PM.  Sent to Mrs Frank Dallas, Franklinville, New York.  R.F.D. from niece Catherine.  Catherine explains it is cold and they have not wood and would Uncle Frank bring them a load. 

Includes postage in USA


Easter Greetings Postcard

Willard M Lowrey

A glittery Easter Greeting showing some wear but I guess if I were 104 years old I would be showing some wear also. Mailed Mar 14, 1907 4PM.  Has 1 cent stamp.  Mailed to Willard M Lowery, Brier Hill, N.Y. from Mother. 

Includes postage in USA


Raining Pansies Postcard

Nora Foudy

A very pretty card with a lovely thought.  I cannot read the stamp date but know it is from the early 1900's. It has a red one penny stamp. Sent to Miss Nora Foudy, 81 Povidence St, Worcester, Mass. America.  Mailed by Mike who says "I won't answer your letter for another week until the ? be over.  I will have some news then for you.  There are a lot preparing to get married.  Good Bye"  

Includes postage in USA


Mount Royal Hotel Postcard

John Bowie, Mary Bowie

A large folding post card with a picture of Mount Royal Hotel, Montreal, Canada. As you can see from the photo there is a piece torn out. Mailed Oct 27, 1946 8PM from Montreal.  It has a purple 3 cent stamp.  Oh, oh, 8 cents due!  Written to Mrs. John Bowie, 62 Grafton Ave., Milton, Mass.  The letter is quite long and speaks of a wedding this lady missed due to an accident and tells of the senders trip.  

Includes postage in USA


Kissing boy and girl Postcard

Clara Haraman, Hareman

Well, this is going to be a challenge.  First the postcard has some pieces missing which you can see in the photo. It was mailed in Mass in 1905 (hard to read date).  There is a 1 cent postage due stamp.  It is addressed to Miss Clara Haraman (Hareman), 28 Chestnut St. Bartan, Mass.  Now the fun begins, I have not any idea what language this is written in....I hope you do.  

Includes postage in USA 


Weather Forecast

Brad M Lake, John Hammond

A funny card with some wear.  Mailed from Kent, Ohio Apr, 1900 (hard to read) has a green one cent stamp.  Sent to Mrs John Hammond, Hillmore, N. Y. from Brad M. Lake. 

Includes postage in USA


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