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Edward Goffe, Joyce Goffe, John Blake, Henry Archer, Mary Hill, Jacob Shaw, William Buck, Ruth Strickland, Jonathan Willis, Dan Freeman, Jemima Alexander

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The New England Historical and Genealogical Register

Edward and Joyce Goffe:  New Information About Their Origins

Vernon, Vermont: Marriage Capital of Nineteenth-Century New England?

The Wife of John Blake of Dorchester, Massachusetts, Revealted

Clues from an Old Drawstring Bag: Cheney - Hardy - Emerson - Millen of Bradford, New Hampshire

The English Origin of Henry Archer of Ipswich, Massachusetts

A Correction to the Family of Mary Hill, Wife of Jacob Shaw of Spencer and Brimfield, Massachsetts, and Marlow, New Hampshire

William and Ruth (Strickland) Buck of Glastonbury, Connecticut and Berlin, Vermont, and Their Descendants

The Journal of Jonathan Willis:  Extracts from the Diary of a Boston Housewright, 174-1747

Dan and Jamima (Alexander) Freeman of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and some of their Descendants.



Includes postage in the USA


Lola Rassler

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Lola Leach, Lola Rassler, Leach, Rassler

Great Postcard with a picture of the Stevens Hotel, Chigago

I cannot read the date but from the Postcard am guessing in the mid 20's.

Written to Lola Rassler at Wayne City, Ill.

From Alice who talks about their trip and  a child by the name of Larciemae who did not like a bus ride.

I have added the following obit because it seems to fit the time and place. 


Abstracted Obituary - The Register-News, Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois, Fri 7 July 2000: RASSLER, Lola, 91, of Wayne City d. 6 July 2000 at Crossroads Community Hospital in Mt. Vernon; b. 5 Apr 1909 in Wayne Co; d/o Wallace LEACH and Rinna WEBBER; md Nathan RASSLER, he d. 1966; surv. by 1 brother, Nolan LEACH; 1 sister, Venita STORM; 2 sisters-in-law, Maravene LEACH and Nell LEACH; burial Thomason Cem. in Wayne City.

Postage included within USA


Henry Werner, Werner

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Henry Werner, Werner

Great Postcard with a picture of the Mohawk Trail.

Mailed Aug 3, 1925 from North Adams Mass. at 10:30 A.M.

Sent to: Mr & Mrs Henry Werner, 1639 E Eyre St., Philadelphia, Pa from Barbara and Will.

Postage included within USA


Maurice Mosheim, Mosheim,

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Sybel Mosheim, Maurice Mosheim, Mosheim

Mailed from New York May 30, 1956 and sent to Mr. and Mrs Maurice Mosheim, 320 N. York Street, Pottstown, Pa.

Signed Ma and Daddy, they are visiting in New York and tell about what they are doing.

Some damage to face of postcard....see photo

Includes postage in USA


Belle Leonhardy, Leonhardy

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Belle Leonhardy, Leonhardy,

A beautiful Christmas Postcard mailed Dec. 26, 1923 to Miss Belle Leonardy at Williston, North Dakota . Mailed by N. E. Jacob from Wisconsin Postage included within USA


Ruth Seaman, Charles Medert, Seaman, Medert

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Ruth Seaman, Seaman, Charles Medert, Medert

Great Postcard dated Aug 3 1923 mailed from New York.

Post Card of Niagra Falls

Charles is writting to Ruth at Harper Ave, Norwood, Ohio.

A very sweet postcard.


Price includes shipping in USA



Elizabeth Catherine Meily

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Diary for Elizabeth from January 1, 1937 to December 31, 1941.

"September 16, 1938 - I had my oration with Mr. Ortmann, director of the Peabody Conservatory.  I passed it."

"October 1, 1938 - Am attending school at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.  Staying at Hall House.  My roomate is Mildred Adams from Danville, Virginia"

Elizabeths birthday was October 18.

Father: Clarence E. Meily

Mother: Anna Mary Zimmerman

G-Father: David L. Zimmerman

G-Mother: Elizabeth Kauffman


This is an amazing diary with names of aunts and uncles, first and last names of friends.

Some of the names:

Will Meily

Uncle Levi Kauffman

Aunt Susie

Martha Meily

Sue Meily

Aunt Ida

Martha Meily

Aunt Clara

Mable Meily

This is an unbelievable genealogical find.



Mary Jackson Woodward, Mary Richardson, Abraham Cummings, Zaccheus Tobey, Hannah Davis Dingley

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The New England Historical and Genealogical Register


From One Boston to Another: Noteson the Ancestry of Mary (Jackson) Woodward

Mary Richardson, Wife of Abraham Cummings of Woburn and Attleborough, Massachusetts

Zaccheus Tobey (1757-1839) of Darthmouth and Conway, Massachusetts and Otseo County, New York

In Search of the Mother of Wheelock Bingham:  The Children of Hannah (Davis) Dingley of Lebanon and Windham, Connecticut

John Mighill of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut

Burial Records from the Account Book of Thomas Clap of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1762-1797


Like new condition!

Includes postage within USA


Roger Shaw, Ann Shaw, Charles Barnes, Rebecca Josselyn, Thomas Josselyn, William Archer, Benjamin Nye, John Wall, Agnes Wylley, Agnes Denison, Agnes Gace, John Mighill

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The New England Historical and Genealogical Register

Like new copy.

The English Origin of Roger and Ann Shaw of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Hampton, New Hampshire

The Ancestry of Charles Barnes of East Hampton, Long Island, New York

Rebecca, Wife of Thomas Josselyn of Higham and Lancaster, Massachusetts

The William Archer Family in England

The Origins of Benjamin Nye: Examining the Sources

John Wall of Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, Third Husband of Agnes (Wylley) (Denison) (Gace) Wall

Jon Mighill of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut

Burial Records from the Account Book of Thomas Clap of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1762 - 1797


Postage included in USA


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